Marek Krauss about himself

I was born in 1955 in Warsaw. As a child struck with cerebral palsy, I spent a few years (1962 - 1968) in a mental clinic in Garwolin. Then I attended a primary school for disabled children and a trade school for bookbinders. As a bookbinder, I worked in Wspólna Sprawa factory for 10 years.
My hobbies are photography, travel, movies and obviously painting. Since 1995, I have been particurarly inspired by Warsaw`s lanscapes. My works are in 350 private collections across the world. A song and a poem have been written about me in Legionowo. I had the honour to receive TPD badge. One of my pictures, Portrait of a printer owner, has been printed on a post stamp in Iceland. Another one has been sold by auction house REMPEX in Warsaw.
I have had 200 art exhibitions in Poland since 1997.


1975 - Warsaw - Kino KLUB - Dzień milicjanta
1998 - Mińsk Mazowiecki - Dom Kultury
1999 - Krynica-Zdrój - Biuro Wystaw Artystycznych
2000 - Wołomin - Galeria "Korozja i Kolor"
2001 - Warsaw-Targówek - Teatr RAMPA
2001 - Liw - Zamek
2002 - Warsaw - Salon WITTCHEM
2003 - Paris - Galeria TRISTAN
2004 - Garwolin - Miejski Ośrodek Kultury

Markowi Kraussowi - Anna Czachorowska

Before he takes the brash to his hand
He has closede colors in his dreams
One walk in the blue enough
to wake up his world.
The world of ugly court
in the rainbow colours ...
Warsaw`s services and laundries,
people enchanted in the clocks.
If you don`t know where you go,
the magic of your life will go out.
Warsaw Nikifor gives the spark,
in the sunshine he will dress your face.

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